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Are You "Weather Aware"?

Posted by KD4CAL PIO/PRO on April 24, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

April 27, 2013 will mark the two year anniversary of one of the deadliest tornado out breaks that the state of Alabama, as well as other locations, had ever experienced. Over 200 lives were lost in Alabama that day with 9 of those being right here in Calhoun County.


The Calhoun County ARES/RACES Group would like to take this time to encourage everyone to be sure that you have multiple ways of receiving severe weather information. Please DO NOT rely only on outdoor weather sirens!!! Make sure that you have a weather radio and ensure that it is properly programmed for area you're in. Also, stay tuned to your local news media, TV or Radio, and with today's technology even your cell phones have the capability of having weather information right at your fingertips. Of course you could even program the frequencies of some of the amateur radio repeaters near you in your police scanner if you have one.


The members of the Calhoun County ARES/RACES Group are here to support the Calhoun County EMA and other organizations and agencies during severe weather events such as this. On April 27, 2011 we had our people out in the field watching and giving reports before the tornadoes struck. Once the tornadoes struck and destoyed parts of Calhoun County those same volunteers were among the very first of responders to arrive. Our group worked over 300 volunteer man hours in the days following the storm and there were many other groups, organizations and individuals that had volunteered here locally and across the state to help in the recovery effort.


But please do your part to be prepared by being "Weather Aware"!

Logistics Support Team (LST) Basic Training

Posted by KD4CAL PIO/PRO on March 21, 2013 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The Calhoun County EMA  has scheduled the “basic training” for the Logistics Support Team (LST) on Tuesday, April 2, from 6-8pm. The training will take place at the Civil Defense hall on Bynum-Leatherwood Road and will coincide with their regular Tuesday meeting.

All RACES Staff and Members are requested to attend if able.


This training is a “wrap around” which will provide information on the integrated support team concept. Everyone who attended the VRC/Donations class at the Sheriff’s Office back in February should also attend this class on April 2.



1800 Welcome/Intros


1820 LST Team Member Duties




-Team Lead

1830 Emergency Support Package (ESP) Cache

1900 Mobilization and Deployment

1910 Staging Area Management

1920 Resource Ordering

1930 VRC/Donations Management

1940 Communications

1950 Demobilization

2000 Q&A/Hotwash

The next step after this training will be the “hands on” training with the equipment, which will probably be scheduled for a Saturday morning (1/2 day) at a later date.

First Meeting of 2013

Posted by KD4CAL PIO/PRO on February 27, 2013 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

On February 1, 2013 the Calhoun County ARES/RACES had it's first meeting of 2013 at the Calhoun County EMA office in Jacksonville, AL. We were pleased to have Jonathan Gaddy, EMA Director, and Greg Militano, EMA Officer II who also attended and shared some of the things that the EMA will be doing in the future.


David Spinks, W4EMG, the newly appointed RACES Commander introduced the new Command Staff of Joey Dodd, KJ4CYK, who will be in charge of RACES radios at the EOC. Tracy Stephens, KI4OZG, will continue to be the Public Information/Relations Officer. David Wilhoite, KM4DLW, will be in charge of Shelter/Hospital Communications. And Lisa Luanne Spinks, N3LUE, is in charge of the Emergency Mobile Communications Trailer. Each of the new Command Staff took a little time to introduce themselves and explain a little what their roles and plans are for the group. Lisa gave a very outstanding and moving power-point presentation about her and David's role, as well as the rest of the group, during and after the April 27th tornado in 2011.


Other members present were John R Davis, W5AUB, Ed Willis, KI4NEM, Don Reed, KK4KKK, Trey Hudson, AK4QL, Buddy Lique, KK4JIW, Mike Phillips, KI4KOT, Dave Dostie, AE9Q, and Peggy Wilhoite, KM4MPW.

When a disaster happens, the Calhoun County EMA is ready to respond. The EMA works with local first responders, the Calhoun County Civil Defense Emergency Group, the American Red Cross, the Calhoun County HAZMAT Team, the Salvation Army, the Calhoun County Citizen Corps program, and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) among many others. Even while a disaster is ongoing, the Calhoun County EMA works with citizens and businesses to begin the recovery effort.


For more information about the Calhoun County EMA, please visit http://www.calhounema.org/


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, Mar 31 All Day
Tuesday, May 15 All Day
Thursday, May 31 All Day
Friday, Jun 1 All Day

Calhoun County


RACES Repeater Information:


146.780- Primary EMCOMMS

145.280- D-STAR

443.350+ D-STAR


The Calhoun County ARES/RACES EMA Training Net meets every Monday night @ 7:00PM on 146.780-.

Important NOAA Weather Radio Information:

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information directly from the nearest National Weather Service office. NWR broadcasts official Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure that you are receiving the correct weather information for Calhoun County, AL make sure your weather radio is set to Channel 4 (162.475MHz) and the Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) code is 001015.

Important Weather Terms To Know:

FLOOD WATCH — Conditions are right for flooding to happen soon.

FLOOD WARNING — Flooding is occurring. Be prepared to evacuate if told to do so.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH — Severe thunderstorms are possible in your area.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING — Severe thunderstorms are occurring.

TORNADO WATCH — Tornadoes are possible in your area. Remain alert for approaching storms.

TORNADO WARNING — A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. If you are in a designated tornado warning area and the sky becomes threatening, move to your pre-designated place of safety.